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Know O Prince...that herein lies a list of the best associations and internet discussion groups related to the classic American author, Robert E. Howard, and his creation, Conan.

Click on the links below for more information:

Internet Discussion Groups:
  • The Hyborian Thoughts message board (by Ståle Gismervik)
    The best and oldest Conan related message board on the internet, which also happens to be part of the best and oldest Conan site on the 'net. Moderated.
  • The Official Conan WWW message board Forum
    Supported by Paradox Entertainment, this is part of the "official" (meaning, commercial) Conan site. Moderated by a team of 3 individuals plus an administrator.
  • Dark Horse Comics' Conan message board
    A message board dedicated to the discussion of the Conan comic book from Dark Horse Comics.
  • The Robert E Howard Comics Discussion Group --
    A message board dedicated to the discussion of all comics related to Robert E. Howard and his work..
  • The Conan internet USENET newsgroup - alt.fantasy.conan --
    The oldest Conan discussion group, this group was created by fans of the film, Conan the Barbarian. Unmoderated.
  • The REH-Fans Internet Mailing List (listserv)
    The the oldest e-mailing list for fans of Robert E. Howard created and moderated by die-hard Howard fans and scholars Patrice Louinet, Rusty Burke, and Bill Cavalier. Some of the biggest names in REH fandom and academia frequent this group. Discussion is via e-mail, open to all, and highly recommended. Lightly moderated by the 3 Howard fans and scholars above.
  • The REH-Innercircle Internet Mailing List (listserv)
    A splinter group of REH-Fans. Most subscribers are also subscribed to REH-Fans, and mesages are often cross-posted between groups. Subscribers must be approved before allowed to participate -- moderated by one individual.
  • The Cross Plains Comics Internet Mailing List (listserv)
    Having distanced themselves from CPC, the group is now named, "The Axe Grinders." The group's topics focus on REH in the comics and other comic book related subjects. Comic book artists, writers, and fans frequent this group. Moderated by one individual.

  • Associations:
  • The Robert E. Howard United Press Association
    The ONLY Howard related fan club-type group in existence. Highly recommended.
  • The Robert E. Howard Museum and Project Pride
    Pretty much self-explanatory. It's a good site. For a virtual tour of the Howard House, try the REHupa web site above.

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