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by William Galen Gray

Author's Note: I originally developed this Timeline as an aid for writing further Conan stories. It isn't meant to be the only or official recounting of Conan's life, but a chronology of all the stories, both Howard and pastiche, so far. I'm fully aware of the purism issues at hand, and I respect them. But if you want a thorough and up-to-date chronology including all of Conan's adventures, either to enhance your reading pleasure or so that any new stories you write don't conflict with any that have come before, then this is it. Expect it to be updated periodically as new pastiches are published and/or a better placing of Robert E. Howard's original Conan stories comes to light.

Key: Meaning:
* novel
(gap here) noticeable gap in continuity between successive stories that could possibly be an opportunity for a new story

Estimated Age Title Notes
Warrior training commences.
(gap here) Conan partakes in the Sack of Venarium, an Aquilonian outpost in Cimmeria.

(gap here) He joins a band of ∆sir in raiding the Vanir and Hyperboreans.
16 Legions Of The Dead (gap here) Conan has traveled out of Cimmeria, and is caught by Hyperborean slavers and taken to Hyperborea.

The Thing In The Crypt Conan flees through southern Hyperborea, into the Kezankian Mountains bordering Hyperborea and Brythunia. Heads south at end of story.

*Conan The Defiant Conan is coming from the Kezankian Mountains between Hyperborea and Brythunia. His new sword hasn't even been honed, as he is direct from Thing In The Crypt. He continues on southward out of the mountains, planning to end up in Zamora.

*Conan The Hunter (gap here) Conan hasn't been to Zamora yet, but is still in Brythunia, having arrived at the city of Pirogia, where he still is at the end of the story.

*Conan The Indomitable (gap here) Conan follows the Kezankian Mountains down to the border of Brythunia, Corinthia and Zamora. The story takes place in an underground cave, which he exits at the end, continuing on into the Karpash Mountains.

*Conan The Free Lance Direct from Indomitable, Conan has followed a path down out of the Karpash Mountains into the forest of northern Zamora, heading south. His intent is still to head south to Shadizar.

*Conan The Formidable (gap here) Conan has reached the Zamoran plateau. The caravan that captures him is headed south to Shadizar. When Conan escapes he keeps heading for Shadizar.

The Tower Of The Elephant (gap here) Conan ends up in Arenjun (Zamora) instead of Shadizar, which he must have bypassed, for whatever reason. At story's end he is still in Arenjun.

*Conan And The Sorcerer (gap here) Conan leaves Arenjun and passes through Khauran on his way to Zamboula, but instead of continuing to Zamboula he returns to Arenjun briefly before heading finally to Shadizar (with the Eye of Erlik).

*Conan The Mercenary Conan is in Shadizar and heads to Khauran, (into its capital, also called Khauran), then assumedly returns to Shadizar (still has the Eye of Erlik).

*Conan: The Sword Of Skelos Conan is in Shadizar (he has the Eye of Erlik). He leaves, avoiding Khauran, and arrives in Zamboula, then returns to Shadizar (without the Eye of Erlik).

*Conan The Outcast (gap here) Conan is returning to Shadizar by way of a caravan route from Zamboula when he stops in the city-state of Qjara, somewhere south of Khauran and Koth, in a semi-arid section of the Shemitish Desert. (Note: Any references by Conan of having visited Aquilonia, or any other countries not mentioned thus far in the timeline, should best be ignored as harmless boasting on Conan's part. As of yet, Conan has never been to Aquilonia.) After his stay in Qjara, Conan rides on to Shadizar.

*Conan The Magnificent (gap here) Conan is in Shadizar (not long after Sword of Skelos). He is new at thieving. He travels into the Kezankian Mountains, and then back to Shadizar. His current love is Semiramis.
17 *Conan The Invincible (gap here) Conan is still a youth in Shadizar (and Semiramis is still his lover), though his successes at thieving have mounted. He again travels into the Kezankian Mountains, then back to Shadizar. Reference is made to Larsha (in Zamora).

The Hall Of The Dead Conan is in Shadizar and travels to Larsha. He returns to Shadizar (Semiramis's last appearance), but decides to leave for Nemedia by taking the Corinthian Road through Corinthia.
18 *Conan The Fearless Conan travels from Zamora through the Karpash Mountains, into Corinthia, and arrives at a city-state called Mornstadinos. He heads west toward the city Numalia, in Nemedia.

The God In The Bowl Conan arrives in Numalia. He flees south from there to escape the authorities after resuming his career as a thief.

*Conan The Warlord Getting caught by the authorities, Conan is still in Nemedia. He escapes and soon leaves for the southern cities.

Rogues In The House Conan travels south from Nemedia into Corinthia again, to a nameless city-state. Conan leaves, looking to other kingdoms and makes reference to 'highways' (Road of Kings?). Murilo gives Conan a horse that appears again later in Hand Of Nergal.
19 *Conan The Victorious (gap here) Conan has traveled to Sultanapur in Turan (perhaps via the Road of Kings), from Shadizar, which he must have stopped through after leaving Corinthia. He travels to Vendhya, and then back to Sultanapur (he has not yet joined the Turanian military).
20 *Conan The Unconquered (gap here) Conan has arrived in Aghrapur (Turan) after getting caught at smuggling in Sultanapur. He hasn't joined the Turanian military, and neither has he been a sailor yet. He must have left his horse behind in Aghrapur (given to him by Murilo) when he traveled to the Blasted Lands on the Hyrkanian side of the Vilayet Sea. He returns to Aghrapur.

The Hand Of Nergal (gap here) Conan has joined the Turanian army in Aghrapur. He travels to Yaralet, in Turan, then returns to Aghrapur (horse given to Conan by Murilo in Corinthia dies at the story's beginning).
21 The City Of Skulls (gap here) Conan has been in the Turanian army about two years. He has traveled all over Hyrkania and to the borders of Khitai. Here he travels to Meru (ringed by the Himelian and Talakmas mountain ranges), to the city of Shamballah. He appears to leave for Aghrapur by way of the steppes bordering Hyrkania near the western Talakmas.

*Conan The Hero (gap here) Conan is on a mission for the Turanian army in Venjipur (which appears to be somewhere between Iranistan and Kosala, north of the Gulf of Tarqheba, which in turn is south of the Colchian Mountains), in the Venji jungles. Conan heads north, back to Aghrapur, then returns to Venjipur, and then to Aghrapur once more.

The People Of The Summit (gap here) Conan travels into the Khozgari Hills (Turan), then back to Aghrapur.

The Curse Of The Monolith (gap here) Conan gets ambushed on his way back from a mission to Khitai, then heads back to Aghrapur.

*Conan The Valiant (gap here) (Conan has already been to Khitai) He travels into the Ibars Mountains, then back to Aghrapur.
22 *Conan And The Spider God (gap here) Conan flees Aghrapur, deserting the Turanian army. He travels through Zamora, passing through Shadizar and some small villages, to the Karpash Mountains, which he follows south to the mountain city of Yezud. He leaves Yezud heading toward Zamora's central plains.

The Bloodstained God (gap here) Conan must hear a rumor of treasure in the Kezankian Mountains after Spider God. Stopping first at Arenjun, he proceeds on to the Kezankian Mountains.

*Conan The Valorous (gap here) After adventuring in the Kezankian Mountains, Conan ends up in the city of Khorshemish, in Koth. He travels to the mountain Ben Morgh, in Cimmeria, and supposedly leaves soon after.

The Frost Giant's Daughter Conan has spent a little more time in Cimmeria, joining up again with the ∆sir to raid into Vanaheim. **SPECIAL NOTE: A better placing for this story on the Timeline might be right before Legions Of The Dead.**
23 The Lair Of The Ice Worm (gap here) Conan must have returned again to Cimmeria for a brief time. He rides south through the Eiglophian Mountains, intending to head into Nemedia after passing through the Border Kingdom.

*Conan The Relentless Fresh from Ice Worm, Conan is traveling through the Border Kingdom. He resumes his journey to Nemedia.

*Conan The Savage Conan had intended to avoid Brythunia by passing through the Border Kingdom on his way to Nemedia, but fortune leads him there anyway, to a town in Brythunia somewhat close to the borders of all three kingdoms, called Sargossa. Assumedly, Conan continues along his original heading toward Nemedia.

*Conan The Defender As planned, Conan arrives in Nemedia, in Belverus. He rides south to Ophir with his Free-Company.

*Conan The Triumphant Conan makes it to Ophir with his fellow mercenaries. After his Free-Company is scattered, Conan intends to head to Argos.

*Conan The Guardian (gap here) Conan makes it to Messantia, in Argos, where he remains awhile.
24 Queen Of The Black Coast, Ch. 1 (gap here) Conan flees Argos (presumably from Messantia) by way of a ship bound for Kush, passing Shem and Stygia on the way. Conan has no prior sailing experience. He is captured by BÍlit off the Black Coast and turns to pirating.
25 *Conan The Rebel (gap here) Conan and BÍlit make a foray into Khemi, in Stygia, then head back to sea.
27 Queen Of The Black Coast, Ch's 2-5 (gap here) Conan and BÍlit travel up the Zarkheba river. Conan travels into the Black Kingdoms after BÍlit dies.

*Conan At The Demon's Gate (gap here) Conan is the leader of the Bamulas, a tribe of the Black Kingdoms. He and his warriors are transported by magic to the Pictish Wilderness, then back again.

The Vale Of Lost Women (gap here) Conan is visiting a neighboring tribe in Bakalah. He rescues an Ophirian girl and takes her to the Stygian border by way of Kush, then returns to his adopted tribe in the Black Kingdoms.

The Castle Of Terror (gap here) Conan flees from the Black Lands, headed toward Kush.

The Snout In The Dark Conan reaches the city of MeroÍ, in Kush. From there he takes the road north to Stygia and out of the Black Kingdoms.

*Conan The Gladiator (gap here) Conan has apparently traveled quickly through Stygia and arrived in Shem, in the rural town of Thujara. He joins a traveling circus and heads to another Shemitish town, Sendaj. From there he travels south, crossing the river Styx into Stygia, and on to Luxur, Stygia's capital city. (Note: Conan has been to the Stygian city of Khemi before this, and he has also been to Kush. This appears to be the 'best fit' and the most appropriate placing for this tale.) At the end of the story, Conan considers heading farther south to visit the country of Kush, but apparently he instead decides to head back to Shem in search of employment.

*Conan And The Emerald Lotus (gap here) Conan has reached the city-state of Akkharia, in Shem. Conan travels into Stygia, then back to Akkharia.
28 Hawks Over Shem (gap here) Conan is in Asgalun, the capital of the province Pelishtia, in Shem. Here he encounters the witch Zeriti. Conan heads out of Shem on the road north to Koth.

Black Colossus (gap here) Instead of traveling to Koth, Conan has headed east to Khoraja.
29 Shadows In The Dark From Khoraja, Conan travels to Ophir to rescue Khossus, and then they flee to Argos. Conan stays in Messantia.

*The Road Of Kings (gap here) From Messantia, Conan travels to the city of Kordava, in Zingara.

*Conan The Renegade (gap here) In the interim, Conan has returned again for a visit to Cimmeria. After that, he travels to Koth. With his company of Free Companions formed once more, they travel out of Koth.
31 Shadows In The Moonlight (Iron Shadows In The Moon) (gap here) After raiding Koth, Zamora and Turan, Conan and his Free Companions join up with the Kozaki just west of the Vilayet Sea and Turan. Conan and the Kozaki are lured by the Turanians into a trap near the Ilbars River, close to the Vilayet Sea. Conan escapes to the Isle of Iron Statues, where he ends up leading a crew of the Red Brotherhood. His current love is Olivia.

*Conan Of The Red Brotherhood Conan sails and loots all along the Vilayet Sea, landing at the island of Djafur between trips. Olivia moves on after Conan meets Philiope.

*Conan: Scourge Of The Bloody Coast Conan is now chief of the Red Brotherhood, and the home port of his pirate kingdom has since been established on the island of Djafur, southeast of Aghrapur. Philiope is still with Conan.

*Conan The Champion (gap here) Conan is found floating in the Vilayet after the ship he was on sank in a storm. He is still in the Red Brotherhood, and it seems possible he was either not with his regular crew when the ship went down, or his comrades survived and got picked up elsewhere, as the core of Conan's original crew is still alive and well in Road Of Eagles. Whatever happened to Philiope is not mentioned. Conan is taken to a place on the western shore of the Vilayet just south of the sea's northern tip. Conan spends part of the winter there in the kingdoms of the northern tundra that are bordered by Hyperborea and the Kezankian Mountains in the west, to the Vilayet in the east, and where Turan and Zamora meet in the south (the jacket copy for Champion claims Conan is in Brythunia, but unless Brythunia has pushed its borders all the way east past the Kezankian Mountains to the Vilayet, then this is a mistake; there is also no mention of Brythunia anywhere in the novel, which makes the jacket copy even more suspicious). Near winter's end, Conan prepares to sail south again with the merchant ship that found him. Presumably Conan will head to Djafur to resume his command of the Red Brotherhood.
32 The Road Of Eagles (gap here) Conan and his Red Brotherhood crew enter the Colchian Mountains from the southern tip of the Vilayet Sea. Conan and his fellow pirates are split up. Tired of the Hyrkanian lands, Conan decides he wants to visit the countries of the west that he has not yet seen. King Yildiz of Turan dies during the course of this story, putting Yezdigerd on the throne. Conan heads west out of the Colchian Mountains.

A Witch Shall Be Born (gap here) Conan travels to Khauran. He rides out of Khauran with a column of Zuagirs to raid the Turanians.
33 Black Tears Conan raids Turanian targets with his desert Zuagirs. He is in the eastern part of the Shemitish deserts, in a region called the Red Waste, when he finds the city Akklat. Conan leaves Akklat.

*Conan And The Manhunters (gap here) Conan has been imprisoned in Shahpur (in the desert, southeast of Zamboula and southwest of Turan) most likely because of the raids by himself and his Zuagirs. Conan escapes and meets up with his fellow bandits. He returns to Shahpur. Conan heads for Zamboula.

Shadows In Zamboula (The Man-Eaters Of Zamboula) Conan arrives in Zamboula. Gets the Star of Khorala and leaves Zamboula, heading West.

*Conan The Raider (gap here) Conan arrives in Shem, resuming the Star of Khorala storyline. He travels through eastern Shem to the city of Abaddrah, in the valley of the River Styx. Conan leaves Abaddrah.

The Star Of Khorala (gap here) After leaving Shem, Conan rides through Koth, heading for Ophir. He arrives in Ianthe. Conan leaves Ophir, intending to visit Cimmeria again.

*Conan And The Death Lord Of Thanza Conan flees Ophir, crossing the Tybor River and heading into the mountains separating Nemedia from Aquilonia, called the Border Range. The section of the Border Range that Conan heads into is referred to as the Mountains of Thanza by the locals. At the end of the story Conan claims to be heading back to Turan (intending to join up with the Kozaki again) but he heads to Cimmeria first.

*Conan And The Amazon (gap here) Traveling back out of Cimmeria, Conan arrives in Brythunia, and supposedly gains employment under one of the Brythunian border lords before being forced to flee further into Brythunia. Conan enters Leng, a Brythunian village recently teeming with new arrivals, thanks to a brief time of peace in the western lands that has enabled a more concentrated crackdown on the criminal element. Conan travels south, bound for Janagar of the Opal Gates, which is somewhere north of the River Styx, between Khoraja and the Shemitish Desert cities of Zamboula and Kutchemes. On the way from Brythunia to Janagar, Conan travels through the Karpash Mountains, and then through Zamora, passing between the Zamoran cities of Shadizar and Arenjun. Conan and his companions come to the town of Zardas, just north of the Kothian border with Khauran. They travel through Khauran and into the Shemitish Desert, until they come to Janagar. Via an underground river in Janagar, Conan is taken near the river Styx, just where it begins to bend southward. Conan considers heading into Shem, but whether or not he does, he soon ends up heading east, to Turan.
34 The Devil In Iron (gap here) Conan leaves Cimmeria (must have traveled there again in the meantime) and heads back to Turan. He ends up on the island of Xapur, in the Vilayet Sea, which he leaves.
35 The Flame Knife (gap here) Conan builds up his pirate empire, which is a mix of the Kozaki and the Red Brotherhood. His new empire becomes so powerful that King Yezdigerd of Turan is forced to halt his own expansion of empire to put an end to Conan's. Conan retreats south of the Vilayet with his men, through the Ilbars Mountains to the city of Anshan in Iranistan. He and his men desert the army of Iranistan and travel into the Ilbars mountains to the city of Kushaf. They leave Kushaf and cross into the southwestern mountain region of Drujistan, and find the city of Yanaidar. Conan leaves Yanaidar with his men, intending to return to Anshan to join up with the army of Iranistan.

*Conan And The Shaman's Curse (gap here) Conan ends up alone in southwestern Iranistan. He flees west toward the Mountains of Gold (Drujistan Mountains?), but finds a section of shoreline and escapes into the ocean. Conan finds the island of Ganaku, south of the Islands of Pearl. Conan leaves Ganaku and lands on the Islands of Pearl.

The People Of The Black Circle (gap here) Conan must have left the Islands of Pearl and traveled through Iranistan until he entered the Himelian Mountains. From the Himelian Mountains he travels to Afghulistan, where he becomes a chief of Afghuli tribesmen. Conan raids into the city of Ayodhya, in Vendhya, then returns to Afghulistan.

*Conan The Marauder Conan leaves Afghulistan and travels through Hyrkania.

*Conan And The Mists Of Doom (gap here) Conan has left the Hyrkanian steppes and come to the Shemitish deserts. He is passing through the desert between Zamboula and Khauran, accompanied by loyal Afghulis (who must have found him after Marauder, as there is no mention of them at the end of that tale). Conan and the Afghulis enter the Kezankian Mountains, coming to the Valley of the Mists. Conan leaves the Kezankian Mountains and rides for Koth.
36 The Slithering Shadow (Xuthal Of The Dusk) (gap here) Conan arrives in Koth. He and a group of rebels flee Koth through Shem, then Stygia, and into Kush. They pass through Kush into the desert south of it, where they find the city of Xuthal.

Drums Of Tombalku (gap here) Conan has left Xuthal and traveled to Argos. From Argos, Conan sails to the border of Kush and Stygia with an army of mercenaries, where they are soon trapped by the Stygians. Conan survives and flees south through the Stygian desert and Kush. He makes it to Tombalku. Conan leaves Tombalku for the coast of Kush, hoping to take a ship to Argos.
37 The Gem In The Tower (gap here) Conan makes it to the Black Coast (presumably of Kush), where he joins up with the Barachan pirates. He sails with the pirates and they eventually land on Siptah's Isle. Conan and his crew leave Siptah's Isle and sail to the Barachan Isles.

*Conan And The Grim Grey God (gap here) Conan is in Messantia with his Barachan pirate crew. He makes a brief overland foray to the Shemitish deserts and finds the City of Brass. He leaves the City of Brass and returns to Messantia.
38 The Pool Of The Black One (gap here) Conan flees from the port of Tortage, on the Barachan Isles. He is picked up by another pirate ship, and they sail to an island south and west of the Barachan Isles. They leave the island and return to freebooting.

*Conan The Buccaneer (gap here) Conan arrives at the city of Kordava. He sails south after Zarono. They sail further south for the Nameless Isle, which they leave, and land at the mouth of the Zikamba river on the Black Coast near Juma's Kingdom. They go to the village of Kulalo, in Juma's Kingdom. Conan is brought to Amazonia, and then he travels back to Kulalo. Conan and his crew head back to the mouth of the Zikamba river, and from there they sail back north to Kordava. From Kordava, Conan's ship sails south again in search of more adventure.
39 Red Nails (gap here) Conan flees his fellow Zingaran pirates and lands on the coast of Shem. He joins up with the Free Companions, and finds himself in a border post in Sukhmet, Stygia. Conan meets up with Valeria, a Barachan pirate (leader of her own Red Brotherhood). They flee south, through and past Darfar, to the Black Kingdoms, where they find the city of Xuchotl. Conan and Valeria soon leave Xuchotl.

*Conan And The Gods Of The Mountain Traveling west from Xuchotl, Conan and Valeria encounter the tribes living near Thunder Mountain and the Lake of Death. Conan and Valeria part ways, with Conan heading into the Black Kingdoms.

The Jewels Of Gwahlur (gap here) Conan travels to the city of Keshia, in Keshan. Conan leaves Keshia for Punt.
40 The Ivory Goddess Conan reaches the city of Kessali, in Punt, which he soon leaves.

*Conan And The Treasure of Python (gap here) After leaving Keshan, Conan travels to Asgalun. From Asgalun, Conan and his companions sail south, passing Khemi, in Stygia, until they reach the Coast of Bones, a section of the Black Coast between the Zarkheba river and Juma's Kingdom. They travel east, inland, until they reach the mountains called the Horns of Shushta, and enter the valley beyond. Conan sends his companions back to the coast while he decides to head further into the Black Kingdoms.

*Conan: Lord Of The Black River (gap here) Conan is in southern Koth, having been hired to lead the rebellion against a local Baron. Conan rides to the city-state of Baalur, in Shem, to help Rufia against the witch Zeriti, who has reappeared. Conan takes an army and heads for Asgalun, passing through the city-state of Nedrezzar. From Asgalun they sail south and start following the river Styx, seeking its headwaters. On the way they pass by Stygia and Shem, and then turn south again to follow the Styx between the Shemitish Desert and Stygia, and into the Black Kingdoms. After finding what they believe to be the origin of the Styx, they retrace their route back to Asgalun, where Conan defeats Zeriti once more, and then they return to Baalur.

*Conan The Rogue (gap here) Conan is in Belverus, and he heads to the city of Sicas in Aquilonia (midway between Tarantia and Shamar). From Sicas he travels to Tarantia, capital of Aquilonia, hoping to get work as a soldier.

Beyond The Black River (gap here) Conan has enlisted with Aquilonia's army, and he is serving at Fort Tuscelan, in the Aquilonian-carved province of Conajohara, in the Pictish Wilderness. Tuscelan falls, and Conan goes to Velitrium.

Moon Of Blood (gap here) Conan rises in Aquilonian service to the rank of captain. Conan ventures from Velitrium into the Pictish Wilderness. He returns and finds he has been promoted to general, and from Velitrium he is summoned by King Numedides to Tarantia.

The Treasure Of Tranicos (The Black Stranger) (gap here) When Conan gets to Tarantia, he is imprisoned by Numedides in the Iron Tower. Conan escapes with the aid of his friends, and flees to Bossonia (Bossonian Marches). He swims across Thunder River in the Pictish Wilderness and heads west to the sea. Picts pursue him to Korvela Bay. Conan and his Aquilonian supporters sail for Messantia.

Wolves Beyond The Border Not actually a story about Conan himself.
41 *Conan The Liberator Conan and his friends arrive in Messantia. There they muster an army and battle their way east, through Aquilonia's province of Poitain, and on to Tarantia, where Conan takes the crown of Aquilonia.

The Phoenix On The Sword (gap here) Conan defends his life against an assassination attempt in his palace in Tarantia.
42 The Scarlet Citadel Conan and his troops face treachery on the plain of Shamu in northwestern Ophir after traveling there from Tarantia at the behest of King Amalrus of Ophir. Conan is taken by King Strabonus to Khorshemish, where he is imprisoned in the Scarlet Citadel. Conan escapes back to Tarantia, and re-takes his throne. Conan leads his troops to the fortress-city of Shamar on the Tybor river in Aquilonia and defeats his enemies. He returns to Tarantia.
44 *Conan The Conqueror (Hour of the Dragon) (gap here) Conan and his hosts meet those of the Nemedians at their mutual border. Conan is captured and taken to Belverus. Conan escapes back to Tarantia. He travels to Poitain and crosses the Alimane river, into Zingara, then into Argos and on to Messantia. Conan sails from Messantia to Stygia and enters the city of Khemi. Conan sails back to Zingara, then fights his enemies in the Valley of Lions near the fortified village of Tanasul in western Aquilonia. Conan wins and returns to Tarantia.
46 *Conan The Avenger (Return of Conan) (gap here) A year after the events of Conqueror, Queen Zenobia is kidnapped during a feast celebrating that triumph over Xaltotun. Conan has no children yet, and leaves his loyal friends as regents in Tarantia as he searches for his wife. Conan rides through Koth to Khoraja, and into the city of Khanyria. He rides to Turan to Fort Wakla. Conan is captured and taken to the royal palace in Aghrapur. Conan escapes across the Vilayet sea and lands on the southeastern Hyrkanian shore. Conan heads east to Ayodhya in Vendhya. Then he rides to the Himelian Mountains. From there he crosses into Khitai and heads for the city of Paikang. Conan rescues Zenobia, and they return home with the Aquilonian troops who came to meet them.

*Conan The Great (gap here) Events unfold on the Tybor river plain, with Nemedia, Ophir and Koth attacking Aquilonia. Conan's forces defeat the attackers and they ride back to Tarantia. Conan's forces go on the offensive, and Conan crosses the Tybor river and rides into Ianthe. From Ianthe Conan travels through Koth to Khoraja. He returns to Ianthe, then proceeds to Belverus, and then Numalia, in Nemedia. From Numalia he veers south to Corinthia and into the Karpash Mountains. He returns to Tarantia. His son Conn is an infant.
56 The Witch Of The Mists (gap here) This story begins with a hunting expedition in the Gunderland Wood just northeast of Tanasul. Conan travels from there through the Border Kingdom to the fortress Pohiola in Hyperborea. He and his adolescent son, Conn, return to Tarantia.
58 Black Sphinx Of Nebthu (gap here) Conan drives an attacking Zingaran army out of Poitain and back across the Alimane river, to the Place of Skulls. Conan marches with his army through Argos and Shem to the river Styx. Conn joins Conan at the Styx, and they cross into Stygia, reaching Thoth-Amon's city of Nebthu. They set out for Zembabwei.

Red Moon Of Zembabwei Conan's army follows the Styx between Keshan and Punt to Zembabwei and into the Forbidden City. They start south for the World's Edge.
59 Shadows In The Skull Conan's army flies south to the Land of No Return, to a city called Yanyoga. On a beach where the World's Edge meets the ocean, Conan battles Thoth-Amon. Conan's army finishes off the Serpent-Folk.
60 *Conan Of The Isles (gap here) Conan is back in Tarantia. Conan's spirit travels to Golamira and speaks with Epemitreus. Conan rides to Argos, to a place close to Messantia. He sails for Tortage, and then west from the Baracha Isles to the Isles of Antillia. Conan enters Ptahuacan, the last city of the Atlanteans. Conan sails off into the unknown west, toward the legendary continent of Mayapan.

Legends of Conan

Estimated Age Title Notes

*Conan The Barbarian Alternate timeline only, as it doesn't fit in plausibly with Conan's early years by directly conflicting with too many other stories.

*Conan The Bold Conan starts off in Cimmeria as an adolescent, having him fresh from some adventure in the Pictish Wilderness. This might have worked, except that the rest of the novel has Conan crossing the length of Hyboria and ending up in Stygia. This story conflicts with every other story at this period in Conan's life, as it would have to run concurrent with them while somehow accounting for his traveling all the way to Stygia, and then back up to the northlands again to resume where he would have left off (the story begins with Conan around the age of 17, which, give or take a year, would put him in one of the following northern lands: Hyperborea, Brythunia, Zamora, Nemedia or Corinthia).

*Conan The Destroyer Follows the storyline of Barbarian, which is an alternate timeline only. Also, Queen "Taramis" of Zamora appears to be a blunder, as there is already a Queen Taramis of Khauran (not to say that two people with the same name couldn't exist in Hyboria, but it seems unlikely that a writer would purposely make up a somewhat important character and give them the same name and occupation as another already known to us).

Total number of works: 100 (46 short stories + 54 novels)


In addition to my own research, the following were also useful as reference materials:

A Conan Chronology, by Robert Jordan
Conan The Indestructible, by L. Sprague de Camp
Hyborian Names, by L. Sprague de Camp
The Hyborian Age, by Mike McCoy

William Galen Gray
March 20, 2000

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