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Robert E. Howard Websites
Official Robert E. Howard Website
Robert E. Howard Archive

Robert E. Howard United Press Association
The Robert -E- Howard Electronic Amateur Press Association
Robert E. Howard Museum
Cross Plains Public Library
Joe Marek's Robert E. Howard Website
Dale Rippke's Heroes of Dark Fantasy 
Frank Coffman's The Cross Plainsman
The Fan's Club of Robert E. Howard in Japan
Don Herron's Robert E. Howard Page
David Gentzel's REH page
REH and His Illustrators
Hall of the Big Bad Barbarian
Conan Websites
Official Conan Website
The Savage World of Conan
The Barbarian Nation
Indy Hits
TheCimmerian Collection
Conan the Barbarian page
World O Conan
Crom! (French Site)
The Barbarians
Hyborian Fan Fiction
The Arnold Fans
Conan of Cimmeria: A Penciljack Art Jam
The Cimmerian Collection

Conan the Cimmerian PC Game download
Conan the Barbarian
Conan and the Cthulhu Mythos
The Hyborian Age
The Darkhorse Comics Conan Zone
Conan: The Barbarian of Cimmeria
Mark Butler's Conan page
The Stronghold
The Land of Conan
Crom: Conan the Barbarian
Galen's Glade
Conan Collection
Conan the Barbarian by REH

Howard Bibliographies
HowardWorks Bibliography Database
Robert E. Howard, short story bibliography
A Collector's Checklist of Howard's Fiction

Miscellaneous Articles
Interview with Jack Scott

REH: The Man Who Invented Conan
A Biographical Sketch of Robert E. Howard

Red Sonja Pages
David Steimle's Red Sonja Page
Peter Reiher's Red Sonja Movie Review
Sonja's Red Sonja Page
REH Book Publishers
Wandering Star Books
Chaosium Inc.
Ballantine / Del Rey Books
Donald M. Grant Publishers
Orion / Gollancz / Millennium Books
Tor Books
Wildside Press
University of
Nebraska Press / Bison Books

James Van Hise
Joe Marek

Related Book Dealers
Bud Plant
The Book Palace
Necronomicon Press
Fantastic Literature
Barnes and Noble
Diamond Comics Distributors
Dark Horse Comics

Sony Pictures Official The Whole Wide World website
The Whole Wide World at the Interactive Movie Database (IMDB)
Review of The Whole Wide World by Mark Leeper

Conan and REH Merchandise 
CONAN: Official Store
Hard Hero (Conan statues)
Moore Creations (Frazetta's barbarian statue)
Bowen Designs
Moongoose Publishing
Rittenhouse Archives
McFarlane Toys
Warner Bros.
Heyne Verlag
Conan Game



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